At Sydney Mobile Medispa, you can rest-assure your skin is in professional hands, as our skin equipment choices didn’t come easy!We researched for the best in the business! Our Versalis Peel, (microdermabrasion) treatments and more-recently we launched the Vasculyse 2G (for the instant removal of broken capillaries and other skin imperfections) by Silhouet-Tone – is exactly that!

Silhouet-Tone, crafted and manufactured in North America, sets itself apart by its ability to innovate and its state-of-art technology. The research and development department are intentionally staffed with engineers who have experience in the field of aesthetics and medical devices that they are now being used by spa’s and medical practitioners around the globe.

They proud themselves to be among the companies that meet the international-quality-requirements for ISO-9001 and ISO 13485 certifications. Knowing this, convinced Sydney Mobile Medispathat partnering with Silhouet-Tone was the key-forward, and more-importantly in the-best interest of our client’s skin.

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